Ratings and tags

The ratings are in this order:

  1. Meh
  2. Decent
  3. Good
  4. Very Good
  5. Must Read

If a book falls under multiple ratings, then it probably means I’m unsure myself.

The tags work like this. There are a few tags that are on every review:

  • rec: m (when you begin writing your reviews, you would write rec: r)
  • lofo (language of origin, so which language the book was written in before being translated, if it was – I added this so that we could better realise how many English books we read)
  • country: x (this is the author’s country, not the country the book is set in – if they have dual nationality, it’s up to you if you want to include just one or both. I usually put down both if I think they’ve spent a long time in their home country, or if they’re refugees from that country. Otherwise, both to make it more challenging for us and in acknowledgement of the authors’ privilege, I usually put just ‘UK’ or ‘US’ or whatver)

Optional tags include:

  • genre: x (for example, ‘comic’ and ‘memoir’ are both genres, but so is ‘history’ and ‘alternate universe’ – so it’s up to you to write down what you think is relevant)
  • cw: x (content warnings, quite self-explanatory. Again, up to you what you think is important to mention. Personally, for example, if the book involves suicide and knowing that this is involved might spoil the book – I’d rather know and have that bit of a spoiler, but obviously again up to you to decide what should be kept under wraps too)

I don’t think I have any more. But the beauty of the tags is that you can just come up with them as we go along! Maybe over time we’ll want to add an intersection: disability type tag as we continue, who knows?