2/18 Confessions

By Kanae Minato

This book is the perfect example for why I already have so much love for this blog. I read Penance last year and just loved it, and you told me about a movie based off another book of hers. I don’t know whether I knew about this other book, but I had forgotten, and then you made your comment and while getting books from my online library (not illegal, actual Singapore Library online using Overdrive) I remembered and downloaded it.

I didn’t love this as much as the last book, but I just as easily could have! See, her writing is so, so similar across the two! This one isn’t a mom hearing from five girls who were there when her daughter died, but a teacher who tells her class aa few of the students have killed her four year old. Even the plot is similar. And just like the last one, she has these little slips and turns which are really unexpected – motivations that you wouldn’t have expected, lies that you didn’t catch, suspects that you didn’t… Suspect at all. Lol maybe I’m a shitty detective. Nonetheless, huge similarities, and I think if I had read this first it would have also been a must read. But I did not, so the shocks weren’t as shocking because I knew something like that must happen. In all fairness, I also think the other book had a cooler finale.

But yes you can read this book too and then we can watch the movie together in a few months!

2/18 Confessions

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