48/17 Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

By Na Liu

Aiyah, this was so cute! I’m going to keep this book to read to my children one day. I don’t know nearly enough about Chinese history – maybe next year we can make sure we read more books translated from these countries which we don’t know much about? But this gave me rare, sweet insight into the country. Sweet because the only other book I tried to read about China (which I unfortunately did not complete – the only book this year I did not complete) was very dense, and full of difficult information that I didn’t fully understand because of my lack of knowledge. This was the opposite, it was light and friendly, but more importantly, it was the sort of book that I felt I could learn from without needing background in Chinese history.

Out of curiosity, who picked this? You, Sue, Iz?

48/17 Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

2 thoughts on “48/17 Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

  1. RaquellovesMeira says:

    Confession: I made the executive decision to get graphic novels by WoC (I think books can be bought in e-format but graphic novels are still so cool to get in print) and gave them a short list of 4 books I like and asked them to pick 3/4

    The one Izzy and Sue cut out was Sita’s Ramayana (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11097473-sita-s-ramayana) which I thought could have been cool because I guessed that as a Hindu you knew her story and would enjoy a feminist retelling from her point of view or would enjoy finding out about a badass as WoC if you hadn’t heard of her (although based on my googling her story seemed like a big deal and thought it owuld be the former)

    If you want to learn more about China I would massively recommend Jung Chan’s book on Empress Dowager Cixi ❤


    1. Looool that’s adorable. I think it’s a good idea too cause I’m also a LOT more likely to be able to find a book (like a normal written one) for free online than a comic book so I’m more likely to read them. Ah but the one you cut out also sounds fantastic ❤ I will be sure to pick it up if I find it here, or just get it online lol. I do know the story of Ramayana (I haven't actually read it but everyone kinda knows it and Aishwarya Rai was in a movie based off of it) and its pretty uh… problematic. Most stories are from that time and in my religion? hahaha so I would like more stories by women who are reclaiming a shitty thing.

      Also! I did download that off your Kindle but it's so long that I haven't started. I'll get round to it. Maybe after your review when I'm inspired haha


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