42-44/17 The Young Elites and Sequels

By Marie Lu

Absolutely the weakest of all her books. I wanted to stop by the middle of the second and only finished it through sheer willpower. I considered creating a new category called “Poop” for these books but thought that would be rude.

The books take place in a fantasy world in which there was an odd blood fever that spread across the lands. Some children survived, but were left with strange markings and powers. Some of the most powerful of these children form a group called The Young Elites (what pretentious shits). The main character Adelina is a truly boring girl who’s just super irritating and is constantly told that she’s dark and her powers are dark and her soul is dark – and literally, the worst thing this girl ever did was accidentally kill an abusive ass so everyone needed to calm down. She gets worse as the books go along because then she actually starts doing shit and acts like a shit. And theoretically this book should be about looking into the mind of a villain and empathising with them and grey areas and blah blah, but this is no Bucky Barnes Jr. There is no grey. There is no, “Is she, isn’t she?” and the constant push to sympathise with her completely backfires because she’s SO ANNOYING.

She’s one-dimensional, boring, selfish, self-centred, and I wish I hadn’t wasted hours of my life reading these books do NOT TOUCH THEM.

42-44/17 The Young Elites and Sequels

One thought on “42-44/17 The Young Elites and Sequels

  1. RaquellovesMeira says:


    Please create a category called ‘poop’, alternatively ‘flaming trash’ could also work.
    Thanks for the warning, I will stay wellll away from these books.

    Liked by 1 person

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