30-41/17 Legend and Sequels

By Marie Lu

The trilogy consists of Legend, Prodigy, and Champion.

This was my first series by Marie Lu, which I accidentally read because I started Prodigy and realised it was a sequel very quickly. The stories take place in what was once western U.S., but now the Republic, a nation at civil war with its neighbour. 15-year-old Day was born into the slums and is now the country’s most wanted criminal.15-year-old June is a prodigy, groomed for success in the Republic’s military. When Day is the prime suspect for the murder of June’s brother, June is asked to catch him. But in doing so, the two uncover the truth of their nations (and their hearts).

Again, I love a good young adult novel. And I can tell how much I love it by how I read out the summary as I type it; a good one just gives you those sound effects. Horror! Shock! Betrayal! Sorrow! I love it.

Anyway, the series is quite enjoyable. It’s a bit loose on world-building, so over the first book and a half I was more than a little confused about what the Republic was, and whether the old-East (the Colonies) and this little rebellion group that wants to go back to the a UNITED States of America (the Patriots – and there’s this big hoo-hah of, “No, there was never such a thing!”) but the world itself was very cool. At some point they go to Antarctica, and it’s quite funny because Antarcticans have these little glasses which give them a virtual reality overlay of the world – and it’s something the author uses in her other book, Warcross, I was like, “Self plagiarism!”

It’s a bit unbelievable because, well, they’re 15. Are they really the absolute best? Really? They’re taking this ‘special’ thing to new bounds in this book, and that was a bit hard to swallow. They also seemed to instinctively trust each other quite quickly and I’m always skeptical of that. But besides those little tidbits, a thoroughly enjoyable series. Very easy to read, good for summers by the pool.

30-41/17 Legend and Sequels

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