28/17 Allegedly

By Tiffany Jackson

This is another book I found on your Kindle. It features Mary B. Addison, who allegedly killed a little white baby when she was 9 years old. Flash forward to when she has been transferred from ‘baby jail’ to a group home.

Now, you’ve probably already read this. But I found this book so straightforward to read, in the sense of 1. the writing being so clear, using AAVE, and from the point of view from a teenager so simple, and 2. in that it led so clearly from one point to the next that you just did not want to stop. It pulled at my heart without trying to. In fact, the parts where she’s the most detached and apathetic are the most sympathetic, because she’s a girl who gets pregnant, but is trapped in a system which gives her absolutely no way out. It’s incredible insight into a system I don’t know much about, and also very affirmatively looks at black women’s friendships and support systems. I though the final chapter was a huge thrill – some people wouldn’t like it, but I loved it. I think I actually yelled.

28/17 Allegedly

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