26/17 The Book of Phoenix

By Nnedi Okorafor

I completely forgot to add this onto my list – so all the numbers I have given you over the past two months have actually been +1. I liked this book more than the other two. Maybe because it’s this very dystopian future (we have screwed up our planet and the way we use technology, completely believable) and it’s a story of a woman with magic powers who fights the whole system (ala Hunger Games or something) and I love stories like these. They make me cheer for their leads. I’m big on magical realism so the book hit those spots for me as well.

Okay I feel like I should provide a better summary: Phoenix is a scientific experiment kept in a place called Tower 7, based in New York. She lives in the tower with other experiments, like her friend who walks through walls and the guy she likes who can only eat non-food (so, in the event of a nuclear disaster, he’d be able to survive).  She realises they’re controlling her life and decides to escape, but destroys everything and is reborn – like a phoenix. Then other cool adventures happen. The adventures and the magic, the fight against The Man ™ are all very cool. The main failing of the book is in the emotional aspects. Her main romantic interest is never fully fleshed out, and when things happen I’m almost left cocking me head and thinking, “So quickly?” The style of writing at points feels so clinical that I don’t believe the things she’s feeling. But all in all, cool.

Now I have, on searching this online, found out that this was written as a prequel to another book called Who Fears Death, so I will try to find that. It’s even supposed to be better!

26/17 The Book of Phoenix

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