21/17 Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged

By Ayisha Malik

I actually really enjoy chick lit. All the Shopaholic-type books? They were my mom’s preferred type of reading (alongside historical romantic novels where a man is dramatically shirtless on the cover) which means they were the books I grew up on too. So this gave me nice flashbacks to being 13 and laughing over not-actually-that-funny jokes in those sorts of books.

I did think it was funny, just not that funny. Good, but not that good. It was just a nice read, but I doubt it’s the one I would pick up again if I was bored. Not that I would pick up most of the books I read growing up again, bored or not. I quite liked the main character, and her romantic interests. And my main frustration with this book – as with literally every single chick lit out there – is that they get lucky, stuff falls into place and straight into their lap, and I’m basically bitter af.

21/17 Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged

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