17/17 The Ghost Bride

By Yangsze Choo

Well, you know all about this book, because I read it very specifically on your recommendation. There’s a few books where I remember with crystal-clear clarity when I read it, and I remember being on a train with my boo and his Mom and brother to and fro Frankfurt (we went to visit his Grandma) and I remember the Mom commenting, “Wow, you really like this,” because every time I was forced to put it down, I couldn’t help but be a little annoyed, and it really showed.

But, yeah, I thought this book was amazing! I’ve never read anything like it. Both in terms of the plot – talk about a truly niche group of people to write about, was thinking about Sue the entire book through – and the way she chose to write it. It was so unique. I think you’ve read it too and really enjoyed it, right? Tell me what you thought! Because quite a lot of the traditions, even the concept of a ghost bride, weren’t unfamiliar to me; I was working from a broader knowledge base where these customs are concerned. But I wonder what it was like for you to read about these new and unknown (and very exotic, of course) things.

The reason this isn’t a Must Read, however, is because I thought there was something lacking. It had a romance (as absolutely bizarre as it was), and it had these elements of family (old lady! Who doesn’t love a good old lady?) and family drama too, but I don’t know, I didn’t finish the book feeling like things were over. Don’t think there’s a sequel – but it’s the sort of book where I thought there really should be. It’s the sort of book where I was gripped by the world that was created at the expense of the people in it.

17/17 The Ghost Bride

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