4/17 Everything I Never Told You

By Celeste Ng

To be honest, this book has quite a few of the problems the other young adult genre books have, which is writing that does not attempt subtlety, or at least, not often. I read this directly after Trail of Broken Wings, and the two are honestly very similar in the style of writing and the way the characters come across (childish, a bit unlikeable, ultimately meant to be endaring).

BUT this book really stuck with me for some reason! First, the twist at the end was remarkable, unexpected, and heart-breaking. Second, there was something about how each of the characters was terribly, horrendously, human-ly imperfect that really appealed to me. Each of them made huge mistakes, the sort that rip lives and families apart. And yet, the family comes back together, the family heals – in a way. So I suppose that’s the third, this book focuses on the family. The way a husband and wife, or siblings, or parents and their children, can come together and separate and come together again.

It’s very, I don’t know, inspiring? It left me feeling quite hopeful. And like I said, I enjoyed it a lot on my first read – but it’s a Very Good because months later I still think about it sometimes.

4/17 Everything I Never Told You

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