3/17 Trail of Broken Wings

By Sejal Badani

I happened to find this online book-downloading website when I was in India (so there were a good two months between my second and third book) and just flipped through the pages to get just those that looked like they could be by non-white people. Sejal Badani is a very obviously brown name so I downloaded this one.

In my honest opinion, it’s one of those ‘giving you what you want’ type of fan-pandering, wishy-washy, almost exclusively ‘telling instead of showing even though that’s one of the main rules of storytelling’ books that really bother me. Nonetheless, or maybe because of these elements, it’s a very easy read.

Three girls, wife, and shitty dad in a coma, forcing the free-spirited yet deeply traumatised sister who is a professional photographer in America ~ooooh~ to come home and see him one last time. It does go into each of their lives quite decently (even though, not sure if you can tell, main character annoys me a bit) and their Mom is a stand-out character here. The end has a pretty cool twist. I’m finding it hard to put my problem with it into words, because it is heart-tugging, it’s sad, and sweet sometimes, but in a way that it’s clearly meant to instead of achieving that through good writing, you know?

I’ve added the genre ‘young adult’ for this because I really do think that’s the sort of writing it is, although perhaps not the target group it intends to appeal to.

3/17 Trail of Broken Wings

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