16/17 The Three Headed Dog

By Laura Agustin

You told me about this and I feel like you would actually write this review better than I ever could so please insert your thoughts below. As for me, I thought the subject matter was so interesting, and it talked about immigrants, sex workers, and just people generally on the marginalised/ignored side of life in ways that didn’t condescend them or the way they lived. Instead, it took something cast off as “gritty” and made it something as full and real as any other life lived. It didn’t go off right into racism nor left into trying to rescue them from their unfortunate backgrounds; instead, it was clear, and treated its characters and the subject matter with a lot of respect. Something that is sorely lacking across genres but for these groups of people. The main character was also super cool and life goalz so yah.

But at the same time, it was so clear and unsentimental that I didn’t feel very personally connected to anyone in particular. Which is why it’s Good, and just a very rewarding read, but not one that I would feel the need to pick up again.

Also, I have no clue what country tag to put here? Spain? Argentina?

16/17 The Three Headed Dog

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