10/17 Happiness, Like Water

By Chinelo Okparanta

I’ve put this under country: usa, but she is Nigerian and lived there until she was 10. Decided we should be strict with ourselves though. The book itself is a collection of short stories of Nigerian women dealing with change, with struggles, with love and heartbreak that’s universal but also power outage and bleached skin that’s a bit more… not.

I’m not a huge fan of short stories in general? Like, I don’t mind them. But I’m not a huge fan. I have tried but, I don’t know, when I’m reading something that’s completely new (so this is where good ole fanfiction departs – because there’s a whole world behind every fic that I’m already familiar with so lenth really doesn’t matter as much) I want, no I need a new world to be created, with little details meticulously added in so I can envision it in my mind with startling clarity. Not her fault that she wrote a genre I’m not fond of lol.

Pretty interesting stories, though. The one about the bleaching was messed up. Uh, to be honest they weren’t that memorable for me. Worth a try since they are short and you can try the first, see if you enjoy the style of writing.

10/17 Happiness, Like Water

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